All your
under one single application!

Branded Helpdesk

Dynamic Community

Branded Helpdesk module

All your information supervised as a whole.

With the Branded Helpdesk module, your clients can voice their concerns and communicate with you, so that your project and your real estate areas work exactly as you wish.

Keep track of every issue or concern.

Tenant Engagement module

The answers to when, how, how much.

Improve your brand as a developer and engage more with your customers in early construction phases in order to create competitive advantages.

Through our platform, tenants get extra benefits when buying or renting a space.

The tool that changes everything

Designed to make the maintenance of spaces more efficient.

Our vision is to create a perfectly applied digital space over the physical space through which any natural or legal person can easily handle the management of their properties... apartments, buildings and offices.

Extended possibilities

Don’t forget about routine tasks with the help of automatically scheduled tickets for periodic maintenance or scheduled inspection.

We also offer a visitor module in an Office Zone building, as well as a Marketplace module where you can contract various providers for private residential services.


We propose automating routine activities and reducing manual ones to improve execution and eliminate the possibility of time-consuming and resource-consuming errors.

Create tickets

The sigtree mission? Creating the possibility that an end-user, whether a natural person with an apartment within a residential area or a legal person with an entire building or office space, can report a problem and have it resolved in real time with maximum time/cost efficiency.

All of this starts through the Sigtree Aalto modules.

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Use communication at its full potential!

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Our platform works under the concept of multi-project / multi-tenant management. A current residential space developer or owner can configure all of his projects while using the same application, including managing its supplier portfolio.

Thus, any vendor, tenant, or landlord will be able to access real-time information about the status of any works or the needs of a residential or office space.


Your community, your space, your offers!

Use the playground to check out the look & feel

Each community is different. We give to the Community Managers the possibility to propose discounted offers and benefits perfectly aligned with the current needs. Tenants can express their requirements and give feedback in real time.

One app for better living and working, from home or office.

All the information you need through relevant reports.


In the management of residential buildings and office spaces, there are many ways in which current needs can be covered. While anyone can send this information verbally or via email, there is an even simpler method: successful companies tend to opt for automated reports and predictions, a very effective method to ensure technical safety and effective maintenance in terms of total time and resource cost.

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