A new way to do Reporting, Ticketing, Communication for any
residential or office space...


Performance management and building maintenance under one platform.

An advanced platform to help you automate building maintenance. Your resources used in the most efficient way.

Performance management, Helpdesk & Ticketing, ESG, Booking of amenities, Articles & Offers, Newsletters and many more features...

sigtree allows apartment, office buildings and/or residential property managers to centralize information on the current needs of tenants or employees. This process is made easy by the possibility of creating a structure of projects, buildings and spaces in advance, to match whatever properties you may be handling.

Exercise ESG initiatives, effortlessly solve issues through an advanced automated ticketing allocation system to service providers, enjoy simplified communication between property managers and tenants and manage all relevant data and documents in one location.

Performance Management

Reports. Done
Immerse yourself in data. Get a fast overview on the response time for tickets or track important metrics for you from your data.

Building maintenance

Issues. Solved
Provide tenants a platform to communicate in real time about problems they’re facing. All tickets are allocated to your defined service providers so you don’t miss a beat in solving their problems.

A dynamic community

Communicate. More
Create professional newsletters and articles in seconds.
Send ESG announcements, updates and offers that are automatically timed and tracked to your tenants. Featuring templates, themes and a publishing tool that makes organising, changing and delivering content fast and simple.


Control your real estate operations regardless of their numbers and location.

You will be constantly informed about the changes that matter to you, both as owner and tenant.

Our platform. Your branding
We provide you a custom version of the platform with your branding, logo and colors.


Software as a Service with premium support and features.


Professional Support


Business Automation


Project Control

Crafted with detail for a great increase in business performance.


We value your privacy.
None of the details supplied will be shared with external parties.

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