A new way to do Maintenance, Management, Tenant engagement for any
residential or office space...


A new way to organize your spaces.

We have developed an advanced platform to help you automate building maintenance. That way, you will always be able to use your resources in the most efficient way.

Helpdesk & Ticketing, Service Requests, Articles & Offers, Newsletters and many more features...

Sigtree Aalto allows apartment, office buildings and/or residential assemblies owners to centralize information on the current needs of tenants or employees. This process is made easy by the possibility of creating a structure of projects, buildings and spaces in advance, to match whatever properties you may be handling.

Our motivation? We firmly believe that headaches, needlessly lost time and frustration do not have to be synonyms with property management. Our platform works on the "Ask and be given" principle, providing constant consideration to the needs of every participant.

Management & maintenance

Handle tenant complaints for the spaces you own, manage or currently develop, so that easy management and proper documentation can co-exist in one safe place. Thus, maintenance can be controlled more easily, regardless of the type of building. Is anything broken? Do you need professional cleaning? Create a ticket and get the solution for your problems as soon as possible!

Tenant engagement

With our application, any community member will be able to communicate in real time about any problem they’re facing and be easily notified for various purposes that serve to raise the standard of living or working in any building.

A dynamic community

Through the News and Newsletters module, the person managing a building can post various announcements or messages in an efficient and elegant way using the digital panel of a building, thus providing real-time information, according to the needs of each user. Also, he can post announcements and discounted offers carefully selected for each development or administration phase of the real estate project.


You can control your real estate operations regardless of their numbers and location.

We value your privacy. Confidential information will not be shared with other entities or companies.

You will be constantly informed about the changes that matter to you, both as owner and tenant.

The recipients of our service receive relevant information automatically without having to be contacted personally. The Newsletter service sends professional emails and can also be used to send updates and images from ongoing projects / supervised buildings or anything you can think of that people should be informed about. Everything is directly accessible from our app.

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We value your privacy.
None of the details supplied will be shared with external parties.

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