People in the age of AI

Posted on 14th Feb 2023 • Filed under AI people chatGPT BARD

People in the age of AI

Vlad Costea, sigtree founder


    I strongly believe that people will become more important than ever in the near future. 

As we embrace tools like ChatGPT and Bard, we must be mindful of context to avoid potential risks.

Undoubtedly, the technological advancements we're witnessing will have a positive impact on our daily lives. 


   Eventually, AI tools should lower the barrier of entry into process automation. Process automation is not a new concept but it will become accessible to more people.

However, AI tools also carry the risk of creating a gap between providers and customers


In my experience, organizations that are distant from their customers tend to work in silos, with heavy procedural and operational overhead. 


    Failure to understand the customer's perspective can result in an unnecessary 80% increase in the quantity of work required to capture just 20% of the value.


In conclusion, I would like to emphasize three key points:


    1. Real business value lies in the details and context.

    2. People will always follow people, which reinforces the importance of human interaction.

    3. AI tools can optimize and automate time-consuming tasks, but they should be used prudently.

From a business perspective relying too much on AI tools could have a bad impact on quality and with false improvement on costs which just creates a "race to the bottom".

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