Smart Homes

Key considerations
Our focus is on integrating the best and most efficient smart home products in a unique system tailored to your specific needs. With our proprietary trigger management system we increase greatly the usability of your home in an easy and fun way to setup. Our Products and Services improve home life in the following four main categories:


Detection and notification in case of flooding or fire
Notification in case doors or windows are being opened while you are not at home
Simulating your house presence while you are in holiday

Cost Optimization

Stopping the unneeded consumers while you are away (for example ironing machine forgotten plugged in)
Adjusting the consumption of the central heating based on your families’ habits


Automated adjustment of the luminosity based on external factors, or controlled from your smartphone
Automated control of the temperature per each individual room
Automated control of humidity per each individual room
Can be extended to various forms of control for your TV, A/C, Stereo System and so on...


Automated trigger of the lights, curtains or temperature adjustments based on the moment of the day or scheduled
Opening the entry door or the garage door from your mobile phone from any distance
Shutting down the water automatically in case of flooding
Scheduling the Jacuzzi to start at a certain hour
NOTE 1 • All the above cases are to be used as examples and they do not represent our system’s full capability. Please request a discussion with one of our consultants to make a plan your individual use cases and needs.
NOTE 2 • Every event can generate a customizable action like an alarm sound, blocking of the window shades or a SMS notification
NOTE 3 • All the above functions can be accessed and customized directly from the mobile phone
NOTE 4 • In any of the implementations you can configure one of the following base functions for your house:
  1. Coming home
  2. Leaving home
  3. Wake up
  4. Go to sleep

Key Considerations

Economic reasoning

One of the important benefits that we offer is cost optimization. It is a very important aspect which should not be neglected and it comes on top of the direct benefits offered by automations, safety and improving your lifestyle. Below you can see some example of cost optimisations:

  • Stopping the unneeded electrical consumers. For example during the night when all the family is asleep electrical devices like laptop chargers, TVs, air conditioners still consume electrical power. With our implementation this can all be stopped once you set the hours in the “sleep mode”. Obviously it is your decision which consumer will remain in use (like the refrigerator).
  • Gas consumption optimization based on your daily patters. Through a smart thermostat you can reduce consumption when your family it is not at home (kids at school and you and your wife at work). The thermostat will know exactly when to reheat the house just before you arrive so will benefit literally of a warm welcome from your house for maximum comfort.
  • Your Safety

    Safety is extremely important for a peaceful living. Though smart sensors you can prevent fires, flooding or theft. Also you can also know where your children are and if they are safe at school or at home and in transit.

    Business Continuity

    Now it easier than ever to install and monitor critical aspects of your business. You can monitor the trend of your production line, anomalies of any kind, get custom notification of unwanted events, preventive events or completion events. In this way you can take the best decisions long before serious unwanted events happen.

    Improving Comfort

    In today’s busy life, personal comfort especially while you are at home is more important than ever. This is also a good reason to invest in a “smart system” and enjoy all the benefits that it brings. Even if we mention auto-adjusting of temperature or humidity, or controlling the lighting system, or curtains, or the access to our apartment, all contribute and improve our lifestyle. We must not forget that the change we are introducing now will be taken as a given standard by our children which will have more time to focus their energy elsewhere.

    Time efficiency

    All unwanted events are messing with our schedule. Even if we talk of simple activities like changing the filters of the air-conditioner or changing a fuse, it is much easier if we would be able to plan it due time and not mess with our personal schedule. Through smart trend analysis we can plan and take this decision way ahead of such events to happen. Additionally some checks like electrical consumption become really easy through a click of a button in the personal web-portal. Additionally we can allow remote access to our apartment of trustworthy people like cleaning personnel, the electrician or the Plummer without changing our program to be at home during this time.
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