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Smart Home System Integration Home Use.

As smart home products growth has exploded in the last couple of years, it has also became very difficult to chose between technologies and brands. Some low quality products have quite good marketing campaigns and can full you. Our team constantly analyses and tests products in order to make educated proposal to our customer. Basically by implementing a project with us you will have no surprises and will know exactly what to expect and feel that you received the correct value for you money.


Automation and Trigger Mngt System.

Our proprietary Trigger Management Platform allows the data collection from any Smart-Device, from an apartment, office, small factory, outdoor sensors and based on pre-configured rules will execute various actions like: commands to devices, API calls, calls to external systems, push notifications, monitoring events and others.
Imagine a situation where every leaf of a tree is a sensor which sends custom information with special needs to the root of the tree through a single communication channel. The tree can take customized actions based on values received from both the roots and the leaves in order to keep the correct balance. Additional information is made available through reports and statistics.


Industrial and Production Lines Monitoring.

Based on a proprietary software client, we can monitor production lines in various factories, create performance KPIs, big data analysis and integrate with other key systems like ERPs or CRMs Based on our Trigger Management platform we allow 24/7 visualization and control directry from a mobile app. The connection is done easily with the local OPC-UA servers in almost no time. We offer an aggregated view of all the factory, assembly line or assets tracking process in a customizable dashboard directly on the mobile phone.

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Our Portfolio contains a wide variety of products and services, all thought to meet high quality standards with the purpose to harmonise your live, business and dreams.

"Working with us means that you will find a skilled partner who gives attention to details and creates an offer based on quality..."

Sigtree Technologies, Co-founder

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Our Support offer guarantees high availability levels and enables new types of customized notifications based on human interaction. Practically you will be able to think and benefit from actions delivered by our specialised support teams which include:

    24/7 monitoring
    Trend analysis and proactive maintenance
    Custom scheduled notifications
    Multi-language support
    Multiple notifications capabilities: mail, sms, phone call
    Fast acknowledgment of your personal complains
    Fast resolutions to the problems with your equipment

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