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Our services are designed to meet the new demand for IoT technologies.

Private Individuals and Families

Home automation can add a lot of value to the security,time, comfort and costs; please check our Smart Home packs and the use-cases that you can avail by collaborating with us.

Companies interested in Smart Systems Automation

Building automation or production line monitoring can really increase productivity. Through our customized automation packs and our iot event management platform you can take the right decision in the right time on top of automation and savings.

Real Estate Developers

We have a special consideration and in the same time offer for the apartment construction builders as they will change in a disruptive manner how houses are used. We believe that we can add value to both their name and portfolio and create a robust future for their next project.

Owners and Landlords who rent properties

Our solution proposes time based discretionary access services with no restrictions given by a certain vendor, mobile app, or relationship with the user. For example late check-ins in a rented apartment is no longer a problem.

Coming Soon

Smart Metering Services

Smart-Metering is getting a lot of traction in the EU, as the benefits are immediate. Companies managing a large smart-meter portfolio can benefit from out platform which reduces operational activities through automation: like meter reading, integration with ERP systems, billing systems, monitoring and many more

Please do let us know if you are interested in such services.
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Merchandise Transport Companies

As transportation of goods is increasing regularly we have a dedicate offer for this segment:

  • Trip regulations and quality certificates are now a best practice that is soon becoming an European standard. IoT is supporting this direction through the LPWAN technologies which are being implemented at wide scale, on top of the already existing solution of 3G/4G GSM
  • Our platform allows monitoring in real-time of critical parameters in case of transports that include food, medicine, electronics and other sensitive goods
  • In the same time companies can monitor their fleet and introduce checkpoints on longer routes and in this way reduce higher risks to damage the merchandise
  • Please do let us know if you are interested in such services.
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