Frequently Asked Questions
Please find below some questions that offer important information before buying a smart home package

Why should I choose you over the competition?

We have wide International experience in product development, service delivery and support. In all that we do, we respect some strict quality standards and we are sure we will deliver the best services on top of premium products. We are ourselves users and beneficiaries of our products and services and we will not treat our customers any differently. Additionally, we have a proprietary and innovative method to manage events and custom triggers that you can enable from the self-service web portal from your personal account. In this way new devices added to your network can generate new triggers and new use-cases with minimum or no external manual intervention.

How much flexibility to you have when implementing a project?

Our motto is “no limitation to your imagination” and therefore we have thought of a dedicated offer where a consultant will meet and discuss with you about your own ideas and vision. After this we will make a proposal that will be aligned with your needs.

Does it worth the investment?

The return on the initial investment is not immediate and depending on the complexity of the systems that you install it can take a few years even. This being said the added value consists mainly in improving your comfort, security, time management and lifestyle which have direct and indirect costs, but are difficult to quantify in a net value. All in all we strongly believe in IoT systems and we recommend that you take the step towards an implementation the same way we did…it is worth it.

How often will I need to change my systems taken the current technology evolution?

The lifespan of the most of the IoT equipment is calculated between 7-10 years. On top of this we can guarantee that our platform will continuously evolve and will come with better services, applets, capabilities year over year. Based on a support contract you will get unlimited access to all of this.

Do the new IoT systems and devices emit dangerous radiation?

It was proven that Wifi signals are not at all dangerous for human health. You can also read about this in the articles published by the World Health Organization where they are briefing on the matter. The IoT devices use an even lower transmission frequency, lower power consumption (they can stay connected on battery use even for 10 years) and, therefore, even much, much lower non-ionizing radiation than the Wifi router which is in anyway harmless.

How does a project happen and how long does it take?

The project time-line can depend based on complexity. This is why we try to be as transparent and possible and we will send you regular notifications with the progress. To have some standardization we would also want to respect the following phases of a project:

    Choosing the working model: standard based on previously implemented projects or existing offers or customized for your particular vision
    Analyzing the customer requirements and documenting them
    Proposal and acceptance of the solution that will be implemented
    Contract sign-off
    Deciding on the implementation plan which will contain all the important delivery dates, acceptance criteria, starting of additional support services (if it is the case), ending the contractual period
    Notifications for all the important phases of the project
    Testing and acceptance
    Warranty and early life support which will ensure the quality of the delivery
    Additional services through the web portal and additional support services which include customized triggers, reports, predictive maintenance

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