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Our main interest is providing System Integration Services with the best IoT Equipment on the market. Our commercial model consists of selling various services on top of quality software products and therefore we have four commercial models:
Pay as you go
We propose a very flexible Pay-as-you-Go model, based on a Pay-Unit concept. A Pay-Unit is calculated based on the number of devices, total number of messages and the no of API calls, depending on the business case (home or business use). Dedicated support services are not included and can be added based on a contract. Please contact us for a dedicated offer aligned with your business.
Standard projects
Based on a signed contract we can install, integrate and configure the equipment that you own. You pay once-off when the installation and configuration is finished and afterwards you have full ownership over your system. The contract is fulfilment after we handover the system and you agree to the acceptance criteria. We will consider a standard project any integration of smart products which are already in our portfolio and contribute to our use-cases as well as already available applications. Support services and access to a cloud environment and a self-service portal can be added on top.
Custom projects
We consider a customized project the one which requires re-engineering or re-design of an end to end solutions from devices or components which were not already produced or tested in a given configuration or integration; as well, software or configurations which do not exist and need to be created and tested. Based on a signed contract we can create a custom project with dedicated SW configuration to fit your needs and vision. In this case there will be a payment of the design analysis and HLD creation and a second payment for the SW delivery, installation and configuration. You will pay once when the HLD is delivered and secondly when the acceptance criteria are met. Support services and access to a cloud environment and a self-service portal can be added on top.
Support Services
In case you have already a smart system installed we can support you further by integrating your system into our cloud environment and giving you access to our proprietary portal, customisable reports, unique notification trigger system and much more. This can be done easily after an analysis and feasibility phase. You will start paying a monthly fee once the integration is ready and acceptance criteria signed off. This includes all access to the portal and support services.
Trigger Management and Automation System
We have a developed an innovative trigger management system that allows you to connect any sensor input with a multitude of actions. The way it adds value to you is by making sure that you are utilizing your IoT system or network to it's full potential and making sure your return of investment happensĀ  faster, or it has better expected utilization.

Phase one
Data collection and trend analysis completely secure in our cloud environment (Microsoft partner)

Phase two
Mapping events to possible use-case and possible triggers

Phase three
Export to the customer the new capabilities. Reacts to the new enabled triggers and event management

Phase four
Constantly learning through complex machine learning analysis. Predicts future trends
NOTE 1 • Support service and access to our proprietary Portal implies a monthly fee based a contract of minimum 12 months.
NOTE 2 • Discounts can be offered based on volume
NOTE 3 • Trigger management services can be availed based on a monthly fee
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