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Sigtree Digitalization of Things

Smart Living, Smart Community & Lifestyle

Sigtree DoT platform is a new concept that blends smart home technology with the power of social networking and digital marketplaces in order to deliver a frictionless living experience

Step 1

Make your home Smart.

The first step is to have a smart home and use our platform. We will use as further example a Kitchen Flood Sensor which can be seen in the first slide.

Buying or enhancing an apartment with a smart system gives the feeling of a benefit and not an investment
The Social Community Concept enhances the feeling of trust when buying services based on ratings and reviews
Our platform
Our long standing vision is to move forward with a more sophisticated yet simple to use framework where you can both control your home and access a community which can resolve your day by day problems
A platform with great user experience that supports our real estate partners in managing and serving their residential customers
Step 2

Enjoy the benefits.

We use the smart home to help you solve your problems

This is the same kitchen flood sensor
This is what Sigtree thinks
Everything looks fine

Everything looks fine

You choose what happens next.

Pick from the available offers

Awesome community. It gives you a quick and simple interacting experience with your selected providers.

Ask for help in the community

Quick chat helps you to Keep in touch with your friends, neighbours, administrators .....

Offering your services

Help the community yourself by offering services or feedback.

Smart Home & Smart Community

User Story

An event happens in your apartment (e.g. flooding). The alarm is published in the social community. You get matched to a professional service that can fix the problem. You chose the preferred offer based on price and rating. After validation a professional comes, fixes the problem and gets paid automatically.

Creative Direction, Innovative Mindset.
Focused on common routines to ease and improve daily lives in a social community.

A different type of Smart, Living, Community at Sigtree

Endless world of possibilities

Strong value proposition

Unique proposition to integrate and connect people and technologies over global locations in a Faster, Better, Smarter way.

New revenue streams

Professional services will be enabled through the Sigtree DOT Platform and customers can charge commissions and service fees.

Enable extended partnerships

An innovative approach that allows Business Partners to SHARE RESOURCES as granular as a Smart Device and create Social Communities.

No limitation to your imagination

Our motivation "No limitation to your imagination" helps to craft meaningful experiences for the people around us, This mission inspires us to jump out of bed each day and guides every aspect of what we do.

Ultra UI/UX

Given our emphasis on operational efficiency and optimization, we have focused heavily on performance with animation to ensure an ultra smooth and fast User Experience.

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